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    Bata Pitching Machines

    How are BATA machines better than JUGS?

    We are asked this question all the time, and we are thankful for the opportunity to boast the differences.

    ACCURACY - BATA machines have our unique Goodyear Rubber Soft-tread pitching wheels. The JUGS have pneumatic (air-filled) tires. Our Soft-Tread wheels are solid, die-cast flat faced treads, molded onto a machined aluminum core. The JUGS tires have a convex (rounded) pitching surface, and are mounted on a standard stamped rim, like those used on trailers. The faster the JUGS wheel turns, the more convex it becomes, and therefore less accurate.

    Result: BATA machines pitch the ball more accurately than the JUGS machines.

    DURABILITY - BATA machines are constructed of welded solid steel plate. JUGS machines are constructed primarily of sand-castings. Solid steel is several times stronger than sand-castings, therefore, we are able to make our machines much lighter (in weight), yet at the same time stronger. BATA machines weigh about 25% less than JUGS machines.

    SAFETY - BATA machines have steel plates in front of and behind the pitching wheels. JUGS pitching wheels are are fully exposed. We also have heavy-duty steel plate in front of our motors to protect them from line-drive hits. JUGS do not.

    DESIGN - BATA machines (and no other brand) have fan-cooled motors. Motors that run cooler last longer. We more than double the life of our motors by fan-cooling.

    BATA double-wheel machines have built-in transport wheels, so you never have to roll your machine on the pitching wheels as you do with the JUGS.

    VALUE - BATA Auto-Feeders can be set up to hold 32 baseballs or 24 softballs. JUGS has an 18-baseball feeder or a 14-softball feeder. With ours, you can have just one feeder to do both baseball and softball. With theirs, you need a separate feeder for each. BATA feeders are lower priced, AND hold more balls, AND feed both baseball and softball.

    QUALITY - BATA machines are Made in the USA with high-quality American-made components. A claim that most of our competitors cannot make.


    Compare our BATA-2 to their Curveball machine.
    Compare our B1-Curveball to their Super Softball machine.
    Compare our BATA-1 to their JUGS Jr.
    Compare our Starter to their MVP.
    Compare our Auto-Feeder to theirs.
    Compare our Sidewinder to.... Well, they don't have a machine that compares to it.

    QUALITY, VALUE, PERFORMANCE - BATA gives you more for your money.


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