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Triple Threat T3 Elite Training Bat
Triple Threat T3 Elite Training Bat

From Jeff Forney, President of Triple Threat, Inc.

I invented the T-3 Elite Training Bat because a player needs to possess three basic components to become a good hitter: Mechanics, Velocity (or bat speed), and Power or what I call the M.V.P. Hitting System. Mechanics plus Velocity equals the formula for Power. How do we start to get that? There are two basic principles for training an athlete: over-speed and overload. These two components are critical. This is the foundation if you want an athlete to get faster and stronger. Overload is the process of moving a heavier resistance so we that we tax the working muscles. Over-speed is the process of moving something lighter faster to create a neuromuscular training pattern. My goal was to combine these two components to create an explosive hitter. How do we get somebody to move something heavier or faster? And how can we bring in something heavier and actually teach them the mechanics? Well, that's the combination of The T-3 loading system and sliding grip.

OVERSPEED - In my years of studying the overspeed principle, I have learned that you must teach the body through force to move faster if there is to be a gain in speed. The overspeed principle forces the body to adapt to excess neuromuscular firing of fast twitch muscle fibers. If done properly, the body starts to respond with more speed - creating more force, power, and most of all, bat speed. In my studies of explosive movement of the body, I have discovered that we can get to the point where movement cannot be measured with the human eye. Therefore, the neuromuscular system must be trained with precision and a balance of the overload and overspeed principles. New technology has allowed for this process, but it is very expensive and is usually found only in our upper end training facilities and and at the professional level. Unfortunately, as great as the gains are at the upper levels, they fail to compare to the gains that could be made at the Youth/High School levels. If we can start teaching younger players the proper neuromuscular mechanics, as well as the skill mechanics, the better baseball player he or she will be which will result in more confidence and enjoyment of the game.

Often when there is a deficit or deficiency in a skill, three main components come into play:

• Lack of skill
• Lack of strength
• Neuromuscular mechanics of the sport

The last component mentioned often gets overlooked because most of the focus is the skill and strength, with the majority of that concentration going to the skill. When we get an imbalance in one of these areas, we get a very stiff robotic type of hitter. It is critical to understand that hitting is a very explosive and violent action. There is nothing passive about it, yet it has to be done with a fluidness of a slow-flowing stream, the grace of an eagle soaring on high.

A lot to ask? It is.
Hard to train? It is.
A lot of people teaching it? Very few.

Great news! The T3 offers the balanced blend of all three components. Every time you swing the T3 bat it is allowing you to work on your skill, strength and neuromuscular mechanics, allowing you take your hitting to unprecedented levels. Why not give it a try and see for yourself.

With bats being limited to a -3 length to weight ratio at the high school level and above, serious players must begin preparing themselves early on to swing these heavier bats. The T-3 will help with these adjustments. BESR - Ball Exit Speed Ratio makes aluminum bats have less pop, but just like wood bats, the ball can still be driven if we train the swing properly and build strength specific to the swing. The T3 is also an outstanding product for the adjustment from the aluminum bat to the wood bat for the professional player. It teaches a hitter to dominate the head of the bat.



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