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    BATA-2 Pitching Machine
    Pitching Machine

    • Speed 25-100 mph.
    • Weight 98 lbs.
    • Built-in Transports Wheels
    • Throws real baseballs or dimpled
    • Throws all types of pitches
    • Throws grounders and flies
    • 3-way swivel head
    • Runs on 110 AC
    • May be used with BATA Feeder
    • Available for Baseball/Softball
    • 5-year limited warranty

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    BATA-2 Solftball

    The versatile BATA-2 Baseball Pitching Machine (above) and the BATA-2 Softball Pitching Machines (right) are the choice of more professional teams every year. Capable of throwing any type of pitch, it’s maximum speed exceeds 100 miles per hour. Also ideal for throwing grounders and flyballs. BATA-2 is the only machine with Soft-Tread Pitching Wheels, designed specifically for throwing real leather baseballs.

    Also throws dimpled pitching machine balls or softballs.

    BATA-2 Baseball $1829
    BATA-2 Softball $1829
    BATA-2 Bb/Sb Combo $1933

About BATA | Frequently Asked Questions | Warranty Information

Price: $1,829.00

    B1- Curveball
    B-1 Curveball
    Pitching Machine

    • Fastballs
    • Curveballs
    • Sliders
    • Maximum Speed:
      70 mph with leather baseballs or
      BATA Dimpled Baseballs
      70 mph from 46' = 91 mph from 60'
    • Swivel Base
    • Weighs just 60 lbs.
    • 5-year limited warranty

    B1-Curveball - Lefthand Curve
    Lefthand Curve
    B1-Curveball - Overhand Curve
    Overhand Curve
    B1-Curveball - Righthandhand Curve
    Righthand Curve
    B1-Curveball - Lefthand Slider
    Lefthand Slider
    B1-Curveball - Righthand Slider
    Righthand Slider

    The economy of a single-wheel machine with the ability to throw different pitches.

    Baseball, Softball, or Combination.

    Pitch faster fastballs and sharper curveballs
    with BATA Dimpled Baseballs!

    B1-Curveball Baseball $1306
    B1-Curveball Softball $1306
    B1-Curveball Bb/Sb Combo $1411

About BATA | Frequently Asked Questions | Warranty Information

Price: $1,300.00

    BATA-1 Pitching Machine
    Pitching Machine

    • Maximum Speed:
      62 mph with leather baseballs or
      BATA Dimpled Baseballs
      62 mph from 46' = 81 mph from 60'
    • Weight 56 lbs.
    • Runs on 110 AC
    • Available for Baseball/Softball
    • May be used with BATA Feeder
    • Throws real baseballs or dimpled
    • 5-year limited warranty

    BATA-1 Pitching Machine

    Our economical BATA-1 Baseball Pitching Machine (above) and our BATA-1 Softball Pitching Machine (right) throws perfect fastballs up to 62 miles per hour with pinpoint accuracy. Ideal for batting practice for players up to 16 years of age and for machine pitch leagues.

    Can be set up to throw baseballs or softballs.

    BATA-1 Baseball $ 1045
    BATA-1 Softball $ 1045
    BATA-1 Bb/Sb Combo $ 1150

About BATA | Frequently Asked Questions | Warranty Information

Price: $1,045.00

      • Feeds balls at 7 1/2 second intervals
      • Adjustable metal tripod stand
      • Durable ABS Housing
      • May be used with any machine
      • Operates off 110 Volt AC
      • Available with Cordless Remote On/Off Switch
      • 2-year limited warranty
        Note: Guaranteed to feed BATA Dimpled Balls only.

    Auto-Feeders Combo

    Auto-Feeders Big 80

    20-Baseball Feeder $300
    15-Softball Feeder $300
    20-Bb / 15-Sb Combo Feeder $330

    Cordless Remote On/Off Switch for either feeder $100.00

About BATA | Frequently Asked Questions | Warranty Information

Feeder Model/Size:
Add Cordless Remote:
Price: $300.00

Pitching Machine & Feeder Cover The water-resistant Machine & Feeder Cover is blue vinyl, measuring 66" x 48" x 24", with tie-down grommets at the bottom. Fits easily over your pitching machine and auto-feeder. Machine and feeder may be left outside in your batting cage as long as they are not allowed to get wet.
Price: $100.00

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