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Why buy a Maple Bat?

Quality maple baseball bats are the smart choice for practice and game play. Stronger and more durable than ash bats, maple bats are also a safer alternative to many of the aluminum bats on the market.

Aluminum bats have gained attention recently due to reports of players being seriously injured when the baseball is hit by an aluminum bat. The very reason players enjoy using aluminum is the same reason players are being seriously injured. When a baseball meets with an aluminum bat, the player doesn’t need to have great skill or great precision to have a great hit. The aluminum acts like a trampoline, absorbing only enough energy to shoot the ball back at a high velocity, regardless of what part of the bat meets with the ball, resulting in a good hit nearly every time. When the ball does meet with the sweet spot on the bat, the result is a phenomenal hit.

When players think of a wood bat, images of a splintering bat heading for first base come to mind. That’s because ash, a softer, lighter, more porous wood than maple, was traditionally used in making wood bats. Ash baseball bats not only have a tendency to splinter during play, they also dent and chafe from repeated use, making it difficult to get a uniform hit consistently. The quality of an ash baseball bat is determined mostly by the grain count in the wood. A higher quality ash bat will be made of wood with fewer growth rings, places where a bat would most likely split. This makes trying to produce uniform bats of the same size, weight and quality difficult.

Maple is harder than ash, which makes it a more solid choice for a wood bat. While maple was nearly discarded as an option for baseball bats because of its weight and lengthy drying time, advances in technology have made maple bats a viable option. Because of its dense grain, the denting and chafing from repeated use is minimal on maple bats. The less durable ash bats suffer severe damage from the same repeated use, making maple a more desirable and cost effective alternative to ash. When a maple bat and baseball connect, the player can immediately feel whether it was a good hit or not. There’s nothing like the sound and feel of a baseball connecting with the sweet spot on a maple bat. A good-quality maple bat looks, feels and performs better, longer.





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