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Wood Bats Comparison

SLAM Baseball sells primarily maple bats, however we also offer ash bats, and a few composites.  Although ash bats are still widely used in major league baseball, minor league baseball and independent baseball, maple bats are quickly becoming the more popular choice.  Typically white ash bats are less expensive than maple, however in most cases maple bats will give you better pop and last longer.  The comparison charts below and manufacturers profiles will help you select the bat that's right for you.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to drop us an e-mail at cs@slambats.com.

Wood Bat Brand Comparison
    Maple Ash Other Custom MLB
to Ship
Price Range
Akadema check mark check mark     check mark 1-2 Weeks $45 - $99
Brett Bros. check mark   check mark     1-2 Weeks $39 - $59
BWP Bat check mark   check mark   check mark 1-2 Weeks $59 - $64
CTG Bat check mark check mark     check mark 1-2 Weeks $90
D-Bat check mark check mark   check mark check mark 1-2 Weeks $29 - $89
MAXBAT check mark     check mark check mark 3-4 Weeks $54 - $69
Old Hickory Bat check mark check mark     check mark 3-4 Weeks $75
SLAM Bat check mark         1-2 Weeks $59 - $64
Superior Bat (A Bat) check mark     check mark check mark 1-2 Weeks $70
X Bats check mark     check mark check mark 3-4 Weeks $90 - $105

Amish build Akadema’s Wood Bats in the Pennsylvania Dutch Tradition. The Amish have been considered the best wood craftsmen since their emigration to America in 1737. Their legendary expertise in fine wood products and craftsmanship continues in Akadema’s Amish Wood Bats.

The Akadema Wood Bat starts its journey in the heart of the Catskill Forest where the hardest, healthiness, straightest Northern Ash and Rock Maple is found. Lumberjacks from the region select each split of ash and maple. The wood is then sent to a mill where it is inspected, turned into billet and dried to specifications. The billet is then hand selected by Akadema’s VP of Wood Production and sent to our Amish wood shop. Without any electrical power the bats are turned similar to the process used two centuries ago in a turn of the century barn.

"My brothers (Bobby, John, Ken) and I entered the bat business with the goal of ensuring that coaches at all levels of baseball have access to superior quality composite wood bats that are cost effective." The Brett Brothers have been involved in baseball their entire lives. We are four brothers and all of us played professional ball at one time. Bobby and John played in the Minor Leagues, and Ken and George together put in 31 years in the Major Leagues.

Not only did we play baseball because we were good, we truly loved the game. Even today we closely follow the sport. George still works for the Kansas City Royals. Ken has been a broadcaster for 11 years with Fox. Bobby runs our professional franchises here in Spokane, the baseball Indians and the hockey Chiefs. The oldest brother John is a frequent visitor here to see his brothers and watch our teams play.

Like most baseball families, it all started in a small Southern California town call El Segundo. The boys are all about two years apart, and we had some kind of sporting event about every night. I remember most of our family meals were hot dogs, and everything was on the fly. Our parents were always there to cheer for us, and our lives were generally very happy.

Ken was the first to sign a pro contract at age 17. He was the fourth player taken in the annual draft by the Boston Red Sox. When their scout Joe Stephenson came to sign him, our dad said, "the one you really want is the skinny, barefooted one, George." George in 1966 was all of 12 years old.

If you move up the clock to 1971, George was a senior, and Joe Stephenson desperately wanted him to be Boston's #1 pick. The Red Sox said no, and the Kansas City Royals took George in round #2. The rest is history. Ken played 11 years for numerous teams. George turned out to be exactly the player our late father envisioned. He was a 3-time winner of the Batting Title in three different decades. He was very consistent, and always played the game very hard. He was the greatest Royal, and still makes his home in Kansas City. In the summer of 1999, he was awarded Baseball's highest award, election to the Hall Of Fame in Cooperstown, New York.

In the spring of 1998, the Tridiamond Bat Company needed a place to "try out" their new baseball bats. Because the Bretts owned the only local professional team, an association was formed. When Tridiamond got both NCAA and Major League approval to sell bats, they needed some baseball help. At this time we bought into the company and changed the name to Brett Bats.

BWP Bats is a truly unique wooden bat manufacturer. Our location, state of the art manufacturing processes, and strict attention to detail enables us to provide the highest quality of bats available to the marketplace.

BWP Bats is located in the heartland of Pennsylvania, which is known as the hardwood capital of the world. Only the finest hardwood trees are processed into bats.
Billets that do not meet this criteria are manufactured into other commercial products, such as furniture, flooring and other interior products. As you can see, only the highest quality wood ends up in your customers, hands at the plate. No third grade wood is sold to our customers.

BWP Bats operates in correlation with two sawmills, several dry kilns, and complete finishing lines. Our products' start as logs and finish up as bats. We have control throughout the entire process, which is truly unique to the marketplace.

Drying is a crucial ingredient in the bat making process. Our one of a kind radio frequency and vacuum process allows the wood to be consistently dried. This process also relieves the residual stress from the wood, which yields extra pop in the bat.

Our capacities speak for themselves, up to 3000 bats per week can be processed at our facilities. This allows us to offer quick lead times and is followed with dependable delivery.

Competitive Pricing
Our pricing is indicative of our competitive strength in the market place. We offer our bats competitively due to the efficiencies we have and our ability to market the unacceptable units. This provides you with a great value, a high quality product at a reasonable price.

Customer Service
Customer service is very important to us. Our full time representatives' work hard to handle your accounts with the professional assistance you deserve. Whether it be placing your orders, checking on billing status, or following up on a question, you can count on receiving the personal attention you need.

CTG Wood Products went from 15 professional players in 2004 to over 80 in 2005. The secret to CTG's success is the attention to detail in the billet selection process. CTG utilizes the lastest kiln drying technology for its incoming raw stock. Billets are hand selected on the basis of straightness of grain, color content and weight. Only then is it ready to be turned into a pro bat.

About D-Bat Wood Bats


Playoff Game...Score Tied...Bottom of Nine...Man on Third...Two Out...You're Up...

Diggin' into the box... Sun over left center field alley, hits you in the face...pants dirty...shirt turned to mud...helmet loose, gotta weigh 20 pounds (must have picked up the wrong one)...eye black running down the right side of your face...batting gloves sweaty, really had to rub mota to get locked to the bat. Catcher busy behind the dish, moving and slapping his mitt low and away...big ugly guy on the hump, needs a shave, throws BBs...ready to ring you up. Ball must have shrunk, looks like an aspirin...Third baseman hugging the Line...Shortstop shading to second...man, that's a big gap between them...Third base coach barking at you, both dugouts yelling at you…fans screaming at you…can't hear a word. Big guy starts his motion...here comes the heat...ball explodes from his hand...gonna be on the inside half of the plate...you're sitting on it.

Right now, in your mind, only four things exist: Big Guy. His Ball. You. Your bat. You've got that taste in your mouth - the one you get just before you tattoo leather...just right! It's the same taste we get every day at D-BAT as we build bats. We get only one chance to do it just right. D-BAT grew out of the desire to restore Integrity to the game. The game of baseball was designed around wood, not aluminum or fiberglass. Quality and service are a bat builder's two most important products. It's not good enough to build a premium product if the player has to wait 6-8 weeks to get it. We understand that when you order bats, you need them now. We understand that every time a player goes to the plate, it's the most important at bat of his life, whether it's Little League or Game 7 of the World Series. We, at D-BAT, go to the plate with you every time you get in the box. When you succeed, we take pride in that success. We understand that bats are like shoes and girlfriends, one size or shape doesn't work for every player...

D-BAT uses only the best northern white ash or hard rock maple (sugar maple) to produce our bats. We take great care in the selection, storage, and drying of our wood before it goes to the lathe. The machinery we use is the most modern equipment available, allowing us to produce a consistent product. Our bat finish is the most durable In the industry because we use a proprietary sealer and top coat.

Most importantly, we understand that when you go to the plate with one of our bats, you are placing your trust in D-BAT. We take that very seriously. We understand how important that moment and that feeling is to


The bottom line... "We just plain love the game".

MaxBat is dedicated to the great game of baseball and the millions who play it. Our vision is to produce professional grade bats from a superior maple selection that has remarkable strength, and durability. The meticulous craftsmanship and engineering produces a bat with great balance, tremendous power, and outstanding feel.

Raise your game with MaxBat.

Maple is rapidly becoming the wood of choice in the Majors because of its strength and durability. Not all maple is the same however. We choose to use only the hardest of the hardwoods, grown in regions of the globe that produce the absolute best maple available. Only the straightest grained maple with virtually zero defects in the stock can be used in MaxBat production.

We guarantee you that the maple MaxBats that you order are made from the same professional stock that we use for our Major League clients.

Maple MaxBats are stronger, will last longer, and perform better than any other bat in the game of baseball.

The process of making a MaxBat starts by closely monitoring our hand selected maple bat blanks in today’s technologically advanced wood drying equipment. A unique procedure ensures that the wood will be more stable and consistent than wood that is kiln dried. Each blank is then individually tested for moisture content, weighed, and sorted using mathematical formulas that predetermine which bat blank is best suited for each particular MaxBat model. This extra attention to detail helps ensure that the MaxBat you order is the correct weight and balance point you desire even prior to turning.

After the perfect blank is selected for your bat, it is then turned by one of our high performance precision lathes to the appropriate bat shape and size according to your order specifications.

It is then weighed again and inspected for any visible flaws.

Now that it has passed its second inspection, your MaxBat is then carefully sanded twice for a smooth as silk surface. All dust is then thoroughly removed before entering our climate controlled and air-filtered staining room. Prior to any stain application, your bat is once again inspected and weighed.

In our staining room, experienced personnel carefully hand apply the custom colors to ensure proper color penetration and evenness to bring out the beauty of the wood and bring the bat to life.

After allowing the stain to properly dry overnight, each bat passes through another thorough inspection prior to receiving its first finish coat of the painstaking process. After it passes, it is then that each bat starts to receive the MaxBat trademark finish that requires multiple coats of a technologically advanced catalyzed formula. Between each coat, the bat is hand sanded to provide the finest finish on the market today. Our specially formulated catalyzed finish has been chosen because of its durability, flexibility, water resistance, and overall superior look and performance that today’s players are looking for in their equipment.

After the finish has had the appropriate time to cure and properly harden, your MaxBat is once again weighed and inspected before being wrapped and shipped.

As you can see, there are many steps to create a custom MaxBat for each of our clients. Because of our attention to detail and our commitment to the customer, between 15-20% of our bats don’t pass inspection.

Once you receive your bat in the mail and open the package, you will immediately realize how much work, effort, and time we put into making a custom maple MaxBat just for you.

While most bat manufacturers offer a limited number of models and colors, we offer a wide variety of both. If we don't have the exact model you are looking for, just ask and we will make a new model to your specifications with a 6 bat minimum order.

During the early days of our company, we surveyed countless baseball players and asked them what brands and models they liked, what they liked about them, what they disliked about them, and what they would change if they could. We took that information and developed our own unique models based on what we heard from players, and the results of our own testing.

Because we have gone the extra mile to take something there and improve on it, we know that we have developed a superior line of professional maple baseball bats. We can with complete confidence say that MaxBats are in a league of their own.

Reaction to our bats has been incredible. Players of all ages and levels are continually amazed at the balance, look, and feel of the various models that we have created.

Due to the custom nature of our bats, and the fact that you are ordering a bat made completely to your exact specifications, orders cannot be cancelled for any reason. Each of our bats is made to the customer's choice of model, length, weight, color combinations and name personalization. Therefore, once our lathe knives touch the bat blank that is destined to become your bat, your order cannot be altered, changed, or cancelled.

MaxBats would not be where we are today without the hard work, dedication, ingenuity, and vision of our experienced staff. With many years of woodturning and baseball experience, we have improved every aspect of the bat making process to produce the finest bat in the game of baseball.

We're proud to be a division of Glacial Wood Products, Inc., an industry leader in custom woodturning. This shows in the quality and craftsmanship of our bats.


The proof is in the pudding, so they say, and the Old Hickory Bat Company lives by that cliche! We want to make you happy! We can do this by producing our maple bats exactly the way you like them. Whether you want a really balanced bat, or a super thin handle, we will do everything in our power to duplicate your specifications. Every player is different, so why mass produce bats of one size? Old Hickory will go one on one with you to determine what will best fit your needs.

The bats themselves start from 4 - 7 lbs. maple logs called billets. Each billet is placed on a lathe which turns the billet and shaves it to a player's specifications. We then use an extensive sanding process that makes the bat silky smooth to the touch. At this point, the finish is put on and the logo is applied. The bats are then hung like laundry to dry.

Old Hickory is one of several companies that produces maple wood bats; but we are confident that our's are the best because of our superior customizations! We do not cut corners primarily on the wood working operation. We overkill in our sanding and also in our finish. You can count on getting exactly what you need every single time!


Maple has the baseball world talking! After extensive testing and player feedback, it has been determined that maple is definitely the way to go!

It is a white, highly figured wood making it extremely hard. It comes out of the Appalachian region, and it's notably used in the furniture industry. Due to its incredible hardness, the ball will jump off a maple bat much faster than it would coming off one made of ash! You'll also notice the ball will not leave as many impressions in the wood at the barrel area. Rumor has it that a certain New York first baseman hit over 600 balls in BP without making a dent! Before that, he had been an ash kind of guy!

As with all wood bats, the logo still needs to be used for setting up. It should be facing up or down at address. This will ensure that you get the most efficient power from the bat and will help avoid breakage!

Superior Bat Company is committed to making high-quality, completely customized baseball and softball bats uniquely designed for each individual player. What makes the A Bat so exceptional is the personal attention given to each and every bat. From the vast array of options available to the design and manufacturing process of each A Bat, Superior Bat Company has created a product keeping the player as our number one priority. The Superior Bats professional-quality A Bat is completely customized and designed for the player, by the player. From model, length and weight to color and laser engraving. We believe your bat should not only perform well, but also hold up to the punishment of repeated use. To achieve our goals, Superior Bats has perfected a specialized manufacturing process integrating state-of-the-art equipment with skilled woodworking professionals. We also offer guarantees virtually unheard of by other bat manufacturers. We want you to use and brag about your A Bat for a very long time.

Making a professional-quality A Bat

Wood selection

Superior Bats is located in the heart of the best hard wood in the country. Most professional-quality bats are made from logs cut in New York and Pennsylvania because the quality of the wood is superior in this region. Superior Bats does one better. Using only the best sugar maple, all of the logs for the A Bat are cut locally, many from our own forest, and processed in our own saw mill. Complete control over the wood supply ensures the high quality of the wood used in every bat.

Drying process

The state-of-the-art equipment Superior Bats uses to dry the hard maple has been perfected to tackle two of the most difficult problems bat makers experience while trying to produce a professional-quality maple bat - consistency and weight. Our drying process has been so refined, the difficulty of consistently drying the maple properly has been virtually eliminated. The technology also allows us to guarantee the weight of the bat within half an ounce, a guarantee most other manufacturers can’t and won’t offer.

Turning and Sanding

Our woodworking professionals have spent years perfecting their craft. With the addition of new, custom-designed advanced technology and multiple sanding processes, our craftsmen create baseball and softball bats with the same dedication to excellence and beauty as making fine furniture.


Superior Bat Company has refined the cupping process to guarantee weight within half an ounce on all finished bats, a guarantee not offered by other bat makers. Many manufacturers have discontinued this process because of the added time involved, producing instead bats of various weights. In fact, most bat manufacturers only offer the choice of cupping, not cupping or, in some cases, half cupping, with no guarantee on the weight. Because the density of maple varies from piece to piece, offering a specific cupping size does not solve the weight issue. Superior Bats cups to weight to ensure the customer receives exactly what was ordered.


Every A Bat is sprayed, not dipped, with several coats of finish by our skilled professionals, ensuring your bat will look and feel better, longer. Because our bats are so resilient, there is no need to tape the barrel during practice.

Labeling and Laser Engraving

Before the final clear finish coat is sprayed, the logo and laser engraving are placed on the top grain of the bat. Laser engraving on the end of the bat includes the model number, length of the bat and customer personalization. The player can choose to have no personalization, their name on the bat, or their name and team name for no additional charge. In fact, your customized A Bat can have whatever text you want engraved on either of the two lines available for engraving.


Because Superior Bats has total control of the entire bat making process, from wood selection to shipping the finished product, we can offer professional quality bats without the professional price. Superior Bats are manufactured and sold with the players in mind. Our professional grade A Bat is made to fit into the average player’s or team’s budget without sacrificing quality or workmanship.

The A Bat Guarantee

We guarantee the weight of the finished bat within half an ounce for the adult and softball bats. The weight is around –5 for the youth bat, and between –7 to –10 for the fungo bat. Finished Bats made with incorrect specifications will be replaced at no charge. Finished Bats that break due to a manufacturing flaw will be replaced at our discretion free of charge if returned to us. Broken bats are examined by manufacturing professionals to determine cause. The purchase price is non-refundable. There is absolutely no guarantee on weight for unfinished bats, or partially unfinished bats.

With scores of bat makers new and old in the market, why would you choose an X BAT? We have asked this of many of the 220+ Major League players who choose to earn their livelihood with our X BATS. We have many more choices of models, beautiful craftsmanship, more color choices, a furniture like finish and we custom make and engrave our customers X BATS just like the pros. More importantly, It comes down to the wood. Players who make their living at this game have found our wood superior to that of every other maple bat company out there. Further, we are the only wood bat company that makes one grade of bat with only the top quality wood that meets the high standards of professional players and we will make this for ALL of our customers. What makes us stand out? Why is our maple harder, stronger and longer lasting than other bats on the market?

The reason players worldwide have switched in overwhelming numbers to maple for their wood bats is the hardness, density and strength that maple has over other woods. There are a few woods that are harder but they are too heavy and dense to use for baseball bats for today’s game. As pitching speeds have increased and the number of late breaking pitches are being thrown more, players need bats they can swing fast. The longer a hitter waits to identify a pitch, the better chance he has of hitting his pitch and not get fooled by the pitchers’ pitch. Major League hitters will tell you that pitching is all deception and hitting is all adjustment. A hitter needs to use a bat he can wait until the last fraction of a second to swing giving himself the best possible result. Because maple is a strong dense wood, it compresses the ball more and the result is 15-20% more pop, carry, exit speed and distance. The tradeoff for implementing this material to make baseball bats is weight. At least 50% of the maple bat billets we produce are too heavy to use for bats. Other companies find a way to use this wood so they can stay in business. The result is a compromise to the player who uses these bats.

Maple bat billets are produced in 3 x 3 x 37.5 square billets. Almost every bat company who makes maple bats buys these billets from mills that produce these billets for the furniture industry. The furniture industry shares similar specifications for these billets. They must be all sap, all select, all clear and all straight grained. This alone eliminates 90% of maple billets. The biggest difference is that we care about weight and strength and the furniture industry only cares about how the wood looks. It doesn’t have to perform for them. If 4 table legs weigh different amounts, it takes nothing away from the piece of furniture, it’s value or it’s desirability in the market. But the weight and strength are is the most important things to the baseball bat application.

How do we insure that we are getting maple suitable for baseball bats and not furniture? We start with the trees and the logs. There are five grades of maple logs differing in desirability and price to the market competing for them. The finest cabinet and furniture makers use the top grade logs which happen to cost more than 4 times what the next grade costs. Billet makers can not buy these “veneer” or top grade logs and still remain profitable. They buy grades 2 and 3 and make billets to sell to the furniture industry and almost every maple bat manufacturer. In order to get the quality found in every X BAT, we select the top grade logs for their looks and their strength. To produce billets takes a lumber mill and specialized kilns to prepare the maple billets. Again, we have every step in the production process in house and it shows in our quality. Other bat makers are trying to adapt wood produced for the furniture application to the bat application with hit or miss success.

We understand the passion which players who embrace the game of baseball have. We have the same love for the game and will not compromise our quality or the wood we make each and every X BATS with. This quality does not come inexpensively which is why X BATS cost more than other bats. Since the baseball bat is the single piece of equipment on all of sports that has the greatest impact on a player’s performance, why go to the plate with anything but the best. X BATS are the best and will be the best bats in baseball as long as we have continue to have the support of our loyal following of players from youth baseball through high school and college baseball to the professional level and beyond to men who play the game into their twilight years for the love of the game.

X BATS understands the passion and we keep the passion alive in every product we produce for you.







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